7 Springs Bio Farm

7 Springs Bio Farm is the first Bio Farm in Albania and one of the largest Bio Farms in Europe, licensed by national and international agencies.

It is Located in Gomsiqe, Leja e Dushit in north of Albania more than 1000 m above sea level. The farms focus is the trade of meat, milk and of its by-products.


Tradition and high quality

Certified organic, we do not use any chemicals and hold the well-being of both animals and the land in the highest regard. That helps us produce an extraordinarily high quality of meat, cheese, eggs and honey. In every decision, we attempt to strike a balance and take into account the development of the entire property, rather than concentrating only on profit. We consider the land to be in continuous transformation and treat the farm as a living organism..

Contact us now

If your need further information on our products please, feel free to contact us anytime. Email: info@7springsfarm-bio.eu


  • We are very satisfied with both the meat and the dry aged meat. We will make other orders in the future hoping that the quality will be the same. Congratulations!
    Arben Muha
  • We are very pleased that there are still businesses devoted to quality and now we can feed our children without the worry of hormones and chemicals. God bless your quality and honesty!
    Arlinda Bodinaku
  • Thank you for your products and for your work, we hope to always be satisfied customers. The goat's cheese was really good and the delivery was correct.
    Besa Manushi
  • The meat was great. Congratulations
    Blerina Seva
  • Our family is very satisfied with your products, we like the taste, the product's cleanliness and the correct dispatches. Since we were almost converted into vegetarians you are restoring the trust that there is safe meat in Albania.  Continue like this!
  • Congratulations for your quality, everything was really good and Organic. I am happy to finally find a place in Albania where I can buy food that is safe for my son
  • I am happy to share my opinion, you deserve endless compliments. The meat, the cheese and the chicken were very good.
  • I'm delighted with the products!
    Vjollca Berati
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