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Our Farm

7 Springs Bio Farm is the first Bio Farm in Albania and one of the largest Bio Farms in Europe, licensed by national and international agencies.

It is Located in Gomsiqe, Leja e Dushit in north of Albania more than 1000 m above sea level. The farms focus is the trade of meat, milk and of its by-products.

The animals that live in the farm are goats, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and honeybees. Our farm has mainly domestic breeds of animals, whereas the largest in number are goats. Our products are unique in the Albanian Market. We refer to Unique as to their high quality, bio standards, handicraft and containing 100% natural ingredients. Our main products are meat, milk, cheese, egg and honey



Certified organic, we do not use any chemicals and hold the well-being of both animals and the land in the highest regard. That helps us produce an extraordinarily high quality of meat, cheese, eggs and honey. In every decision, we attempt to strike a balance and take into account the development of the entire property, rather than concentrating only on profit. We consider the land to be in continuous transformation and treat the farm as a living organism. Our animals are grazing on mountain almost 10 months during the year and in addition they are fed with healthy organic food and varied after an agriculture natural balances without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMO. They are treated by homeopathy, no antibiotics, no growth hormones in living conditions adapted to respect for their well-being and stress.

Our Products

We offer the best quality products respecting all the european standards to offer the best quality bio products for everyone. Our products consists in fresh goat, lamb, chicken, angus meat, eggs, cheese, honey etc. We are fully motivated to offer the best bio products in the market.


Mission “7 Springs Bio Farm” mission is to provide the highest-quality bio products. We exist to attract and maintain loyal and health conscious customers

7 Springs Bio Farm

Target Group “7 Springs Bio Farm” is going after people that appreciate healthier, tastier alternatives to the standby of iceberg products. This group of consumers is more likely to make their own meals instead of going out and appreciates fine dining.

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