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The Thyme and its honey

How to distinguish whether honey is organic or processed?


1 . Organic honey has small crumbs, these crumbs are pollen. Processed honey is way to cleat to be real

2. Organic honey is thick and dense, while, processed honey is thin.

3. Organic honey has a sweet and pleasant taste, while processed honey doesn’t have a specific smell or has a sour smell.

4. Organic honey does not stick when you put it between fingers. Processed honey is full of fake sweeteners that make it sticky.

5. The taste of organic honey is light and goes away after a few minutes. The taste of processed honey is very sweet and lasts for a long time.

6. Organic honey does not form bubbles when heated, but it caramelizes when heated. Processed honey forms bubbles and never caramelizes.

7. Organic honey must contain only one ingredient – hone! Some companies add other ingredients to add taste or sweetness – artificial ingredients. This kind of honey is not real. Some of these ingredients include: corn syrup, starch, glucose or sugar syrup. Products that have not very clear labels are far away from organic honey. Law regulation does not force honey sellers to emphasize in the labels that they have added other ingredients to honey. The fact that you will not find these ingredients in the label doesn’t mean that you are buying real honey.


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