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When is a farm considered BIO?


Recently there has been a lot of abuse with the term “BIO” or “Organic”. We see a lot of stores branded as “BIO” or “Organic” and the credibility of consumers is fading towards these terms.

The truth is, to get a certification as an “Organic” producer is very difficult. The respective institution operating in Albania is Albinspekt.

The criteria that must be met are very strict and often make the process almost impossible.


What is the criteria?


  1. BIO products do not contain pesticides or similar chemicals
  2. Animals are not treated with antibiotics and in case of diseases the treated animal is isolated from others

3. Animals must be fed with organic food or by food acquired themselves in wild nature

4. Reduced barn regime of animals to 3 months a year, making possible for animals to graze in wild pasture

5. The farm must be located at least 3 km from and the land used for urban areas breeding must not contain any trace of chemicals

6. Minimum surface areas indoors and outdoors and other characteristics of housing:

Dairy Cows –                 6 m2/head – Indoor surface

4.5m2/head – outdoor surface (exercise area, excluding pasturage)

Bulls for breeding –       10m2/head – Indoor surface

30 m2/head – outdoor surface (exercise area, excluding pasturage)

Sheep and goats –          1.5 m2/head – Indoor surface

2.5 m2/head – outdoor surface (exercise area, excluding pasturage)

Laying hens –                6 m2/head – Indoor surface

4 m2/head – outdoor surface (exercise area, excluding pasturage)


The maximal number of animals per ha equivalent to 170 kg N/ha/year:·

  • Diary Cows                        2
  • Table chickens                  580
  • Laying hens                       230
  • Calves for fattening         5
  • Sheep                                  13.3
  • Goats                                  13.3

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